The team

Johanna Lakso was part of the team starting the first Power Shift Sweden back in 2011. She is an engineer working with renewable energy, but is also passionate about climate issues. Her vision is to create a meeting place for youth with dreams and ambition!

Mail: johanna.lakso(a)

Josefin Smeds is passionate about social justice, sustainability and degrowth, especially in relation to food and agriculture. She enjoys supporting grassroots’ movements and youth working to create better futures for themselves and others.

Mail: josefin.smeds(a)

Julia Lindroos was at her first Power Shift in 2013 and she loved the positive solution-oriented atmosphere. A flick of hope! Julia works as a medic in the hospital in Gävle, thus her heart bleeds for the social and medical consequenses of climate change. She hopes that this years Power Shift will inspire youth realise that they can make a difference.

Mail: julia.lindroos(a)

Matilda Wassgren is currently doing a bachelor in Development Studies at Lund University and is also involved in the student organisation Lund’s Students for Sustainability. She has never been to Power Shift before and is very much looking forward to this year’s conference!

Mail: matilda(a)

Hana Begovic is down to earth, ambitious and passionate about climate issues and sustainability. She is currently studying Global Studies at Gothenburg University. She believes in solidarity, exchange of knowledge and the importance of being an active part of positive change.

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