What is PUSH Sweden?

PUSH Sweden is an internet based platform where you can find organisations, youth, events and inspiration regarding sustainability. The three aims of PUSH Sweden are:

  • To bring young people and youth organisations together.
  • To create a powerful voice for youth in order to create change.
  • To engage more young people in sustainability related issues.

Why is PUSH needed?

Today a lot of youth are worried about the future. How are we going to stop climate change, financial crises, poverty, lack of resources and injustice? What we need now is a strong voice that tells our leaders that it’s time to face the facts and to take action. PUSH gathers youth who believe in a sustainable future – together we can push Sweden and the world!

What does PUSH do?

The platfom offers a wide variety of tools for youth who wants to create change. The members can share skills, communicate throught the platform and find new friends on the map. PUSH also supports collaborations, campaigns and other events with the aim of empowering youth. Power Shift Sweden is PUSH Sweden’s big annual meeting place, where everyone interested in sustainability is welcome!

For more information about PUSH Sweden, check out pushsverige.se >>