Musik av Joey Belmondo!

Joey BelmondoVäddö Folkhögskola - Samlingssalen

My name is Joey Belmondo and I am 28 years old. My life revolves around studies; I study social anthropology at Stockholm University. However, I come from a musical family so music is a central part of my life as well. I play guitar, and the music that I play is rooted in the American musical tradition: old country blues, folk music, and rock n roll. My compositions draw inspiration from my own life experience, namely Islam and its spiritual tradition called Sufism, contemporary global issues such as war, capitalism, and poverty, and more abstract concepts such as colors and sounds. In the context of this conference I will sing songs that are connected to the climate and try to give a voice to the planet as well as the people and animals who are most affected by climate change.

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