Power Shift Sweden 2015

In October 2015 the fifth Power Shift Sweden was organised in Malmö. Over 200 young people attended this event to learn about climate justice and tools for creating change yourself. It was a very a great event with a lot of international participants.

Check out what happened during Power Shift 2015 in the program >>


Here’s a video with the highlights of Power Shift Sweden 2015. You can also check out #PowerShift15 for some nice photos, videos and comments!

Here are some material from the speakers that you can have a look at:


The conference started with an evening with get-to-know activities and an opening session with inspirational speakers talking about what climate justice are to them.


During the second day the participants took part in different workshops on the theme of climate justice. The workshops provided tools for taking action, time for reflection and information on different topics. A lot of the focus was of course on the upcoming negotiations in Paris.


The last day of the conference we did som action planning as well as a big flas mob action in central Malmö. The conference ended with a closin session where one of the speakers was Åsa Romson the Minister of Climate and Environment in Sweden.


More pictures and information you will also find in the Power Shift report >>