What is Power Shift?

Power Shift is a sustainability conference arranged annually for youth by youth.

Power Shift is a three day long conference where you can meet other youth who also believe that it is time to change to a sustainable society. The conference is held from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and the programme is filled with inspiring speakers, thrilling workshops, group discussions, music and films.

The purpose of Power Shift

  • Create an annual meeting place for youth
  • Provide a place for sharing knowledge, tools and ideas
  • Inspire more youth to take action and impact our future
  • Create a united and sustainable youth movement!

Power Shift does not only exist in Sweden – it is in fact a global event. During the past few years Power Shift’s has gathered thousands of youth. In the autumn of 2011 the first Power Shift in Sweden was arranged and held in Gothenburg. Since then, it has become a yearly event. Watch the videos from the past years of Power Shift or read more about the history >>